When Life Gives You Limes....

Let's all just forget that it has been months since gracing you all with a new recipe. You will be pleased to know that all recipes from here on in are stamped with the nutritional seal of approval as I am now officially a qualified nutritional expert. Deakin University was so kind as to bestow upon me my post-graduate certificate of nutrition and I celebrated by writing a 5 week fitness and nutrition program!! Copies of my Summer Classique Challenge are available for purchase here.

I've also spent much of the summer preparing our brand new studio premises for the upcoming grand opening and developing new class programs and, most importantly, new recipes for all you fabulous folk to enjoy!!

This week must have been prime time for lime harvesting as my parents and friends gifted an abundance of the little green lovelies to me! I do enjoy a good lime! It's summery citrus flavour gives me the smiles as it brings up all the good times that were had this silly season! Alas the days are getting shorter and little by little the sunny rays are getting softer! (well..... I assume they are for non Sydney-siders anyway!) But Summer doesn't have to be so quickly gone and forgotten! It can live on through these zesty recipes! Enjoy! Mini Raw Lime Cheese Cake: Makes 4