Winter Warmer Brekky Pt 4

So you know how some people get a little depressed on Sunday evening because they have to get up for work on Monday? If you don't know anyone like that you are clearly surrounded by people who love their jobs and are the envy of all others! Anyway it's totally a thing. Google it.

Now imagine little melodramatic me; It's Thursday... and I am depressed about going back to work on Monday! So much so that I got up early this morning in an effort to salvage extra hours of my freedom. Good thing I did too because I kinda went overboard in the kitchen today.

This morning's recipe is a little more fiddly than the other recipes from this series, but believe me when I tell you "Oh Lordy it was worth it!"

Another double banger for you today and even a sneaky side condiment that can be squirted atop many delicious meals!

Get Fresh Green Smoothie