Winter Warmer Brekky!

So it's day one of winter school holidays and despite the fact that I was awake at the same time I would be awake to get up for work, the freezing temperatures outside kept me snuggled in bed for an extra few hours.

Once I finally did drag myself out into the cold I was disappointed with myself. So many quiet morning hours wasted because I was too sooky about the cold! So I hopped straight into the kitchen to get a speedy brekky on and salvage the remainder of my morning.

After creating this concoction I vowed that everyday this week I will jump out of bed early and eager with a new delicious recipe each day to make it worth the few minutes of shivering while the gas heater fires up.

Day one! The best known cure to Monday-itis: Chocoberry French Toast!!


For toast:

4 slices wholemeal or rye bread

2 eggs

Splash of milk (almond, oat, rice, whatevs)

Tbs greek or natural yoghurt

Tbs Cacao

Tbs maple syrup

Splash of nut oil

For topping (optional):

1/4 cup frozen berries, thawed

Tbs fruit compote (I used rhubharb and strawberry)

Delicious, sugarfree chocolatey spread (I use pure harvest coco spread)

Splash of maple syrup

Sprinkle of caramelised buckinis


1. Whisk eggs with yoghurt, milk, cacao, maple syrup.

2. Dunk bread into eggy mix until well coated

3. Heat oil over frying pan and cook bread on both sides until golden

4. Serve with lashings of your delicious toppings and enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for Tuesdays recipe!!!

french toast.png

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