Winter Warmer Brekky!

So it's day one of winter school holidays and despite the fact that I was awake at the same time I would be awake to get up for work, the freezing temperatures outside kept me snuggled in bed for an extra few hours.

Once I finally did drag myself out into the cold I was disappointed with myself. So many quiet morning hours wasted because I was too sooky about the cold! So I hopped straight into the kitchen to get a speedy brekky on and salvage the remainder of my morning.

After creating this concoction I vowed that everyday this week I will jump out of bed early and eager with a new delicious recipe each day to make it worth the few minutes of shivering while the gas heater fires up.

Day one! The best known cure to Monday-itis: Chocoberry French Toast!!


For toast:

4 slices wholemeal or rye bread