Hot Chippies!!!

Who doesn't love a delicious serve of hot chips with their meal in Winter?!! They are a delicious, golden, crunchy, savoury delight that provide the perfect amount of comfort and warmth on a chilly day.

If you are anything like me, one or two chips quickly turn into a large family sized portion! Before long, the evidence that remains is those weird green bits of chip and the big fat ones that didn't cook to the sufficient level of crunch or extreme squishiness required of a good chip. It is by no means uncommon knowledge that hot chips are a bit of an abomination for your insides, so whilst the occasional indulgence is fine, it's generally one of the many evil delicious things we should steer clear of. Fortunately, I have the perfect alternative! Delicious, golden, seasoned, oven baked veggie chips! There is not much of a fine art to these babies. They are simple and delicious and will totally hit the spot in place of their naughty counterparts!

Seasoned Veggie Chips!


Selection of your favourite root vegetables! (Carrot, swede, beetroot, sweet potato etc)

Tsp Dried parsley

Tsp Garlic