Just. No.

Please no one be dumb enough...


"But the can is green" says the hashtag enthusiast! "And it's sweetened with stevia.... which is like...healthy or something!"

This week a bunch of gullible, five-minute-fitspo fanatics are going to swap their acai bowls for a can of liquid filth. Coca-cola life and it's clean, green facade is claiming to be a healthy new alternative for all those pesky clean eaters that stopped buying their regular can-o-crap.

WELL! To that I say: Rememeber kids, the incredible hulk was green too and he fucked shit up!

Coco-cola life is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one! With an excess of 4 tsp of sugar per can (1/4 of your daily recommended intake), colour additives, flavourings, caffeine and phosphoric acid (hooray for squeaky clean, rust free insides!! With a side of corrosion! Yum) it's pretty much 350ml of pure shit for your body.....which is kinda funny seeing as some of the ingredients are also found in fertiliser.

I'm not here to victimise all you fizzy drink lovers out there. Your choices are your own and you go ahead and love and commit to whatever lifestyle you want to lead. Just....don't be dumb. My aim here is simply to ensure that the proverbial synthetic, vegan wool isn't pulled over your eyes as they light up at the thought of a healthy soft drink! You know that saying "If it sounds to good to be true it probably is"? Yeah. Well. Your mum was right.

In any case, just don't be that dumb. If you are a coca-cola lover then you already have good faith in the knowledge that your beverage of choice is terrible for your health. So please, pledge allegiance to what you know and don't take your coke with a grain of stevia. And if you do..... please never let me catch you snapping it on insta with #healthycoke.

Just. No.

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