Find Your Bliss!!

Life is crazy. Sometimes in the midst of doing everything we are obligated to do, we lose time for the things we truly love to do. After an insane 14 days thrown into the deep end to sink or swim in the great unknown waters of my life's new pursuits I have decided that Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to take some time out and give myself a little tender love and care.

In doing so I have come to appreciate the valuable gift of silence as I spent a silent hour today pouring through my amazing new recipe book (albeit a slightly older publication, I was a little delayed on the uptake! However I maintain that it always takes time to uncover the shiniest diamonds). Nicole Joy Inspire's "Why It's Perfectly Acceptable to Eat Dessert for Breakfast" is nothing short of awe inspiring. Her touching personal anecdotes and mindful quotes that promote self adoration and pursuit of the dreamiest of dreams connected with me and encouraged me to kick harder whilst trying to stay afloat in my ocean. But that's not even the best bit! The nutrient dense, refined sugar free, mouth watering dessert recipes are stunningly beautiful to look at and absolutely divine on the palette!! Her book, along with a second gem "Life's too short for Diets" is available to order on her website