Good Morning?

It is often said that the achievements and success of each day lie firmly within the foundations of a sound morning routine. At the request of some of my lovely readers, I set out on a quest to research and unveil the key dawn habits and rituals that will set you down the path of success all day long!


Your body in the morning

After 8 hours of (hopefully restful) slumber, the body is a very different place compared to other times of the day. It is a dehydrated, elongated, clean, empty vessel (excluding the morning toxins that urgently need to be released). Your metabolism has entered standby mode and your digestive system will be feeling a little sluggish too. Your brain might feel a little foggy and your muscles might be a little tight and achy. You aren't quite the recharged, refreshed and energised version of yourself that you might expect to be after a good night's sleep.... well not yet anyway. By establishing a set of healthy morning rituals, your good night's sleep will collaborate alongside your good morning waking to create the foundations of a fantastic day. Ritual o