Proteinage Dream!

Foodie and fitness junkie.... not usually two references you hear in the same sentence. In my experience, many fitness junkies, whilst often obsessed with food... or at least calories, lack the quintessential ingredient necessary to be classified as a foodie; a true passion and appreciation for taste. Like really, anyone willing to eat platefuls of plain broccoli in the name of bulking day after day has admirable commitment to fitness but certainly not to foodness. For someone who has been heavily involved in fitness my entire life, I never considered myself a junkie. Exercise has always simply been a normal part of my daily life. As I have gotten older, refined my training techniques and intensified my training and dedication to dance, pole and fitness, I have come to accept that I probably fit the junkie stereotype... with one exception; I am completely in love with food. Having quit sugar in the last 6 months, my relationship with food has significantly changed. No longer do I view it as a reward, a comfort, a friend... now I see it as nourishment, sustenance and a holistic experience. As such, I turn to food now for it's specific health properties and utilise the natural goodness of nutrient dense, unrefined foods. So when it comes to protein powders and other dietary supplements, I find myself convoluted. The intensity of my current training regime, necessitates a high protein diet to ensure my body remains well maintained and in good repair. Unfortunately, this means I must often turn to the less natural alternative to eating chicken around the clock and instead, obtain my protein through flavoured powders that often taste about as palatable as laundry powder. As a self confessed foodie and a socially categorized fitness junkie I struggle to abide by the laws of fitness and adapt to the strict and flavour sacrificing dietary requirements that most exercise buffs adhere to. Instead I have gone on a quest to discover the most nutritious and delicious flavour infused ways to incorporate protein supplements into my diet. I will now share with you my top 3 protein packed recipes that made my supplement anxiety a thing of the past! Cookie Dough Protein Balls

These babies were spawned as my husband and I were preparing for a camping trip and needed light, quick and easy protein snacks for our daily adventures!


2 scoops vanilla protein 1 cup almond meal 1/4 cup Kraft No Added Salt or Sugar Peanut butter 1/4 cup Mayver's Super Spread