It's D-Day!

It's the celebrity fit word that is often synonymous with fad dieting, online weight loss scams and plenty of judgmental rolled eyes- BUT- a nutritional detox could be exactly what your body is longing for!


What is a detox? A 'detox' -short for detoxification- is the process of ridding the body of unhealthy toxins that interfere with the optimal functioning of bodily organs. It involves eliminating foods and beverages that contain chemicals and additives that burden the liver, kidneys and bowel. In essence, a detox is a three part process. It primarily involves: * Eliminating ingestion of chemicals by eating raw, organic, natural products in their unrefined state * Maximising intake of nutrient dense foods that are rich in detoxifying vitamins and antioxidants * Increasing intake of water and foods that are high in fibre, to flush out toxins Why do I need to detox? Well.... Technically you don't... BUT the benefits associated with healthy detox plans definitely suggest youshould. Our daily lifestyles expose us to a myriad of chemicals that we ingest or inhale through things such as air pollu