State your Intentions!

Happy New Year readers!! Hope it was a fantastic one and you rang in 2015 with your self defined style of "bang".


I myself welcomed the new year standing on a wharf in the drizzling rain of Bateman's Bay with a clutch of wonderful friends and of course my darling husband. Waking up on day one of 2015 was a kind reminder to me why I should respect my body 365 days of the year. As I devoured a bacon and egg roll whilst trying to prevent my brain leaking out my ears and exploding on the table I pondered a myriad of questions... are these eggs organic? Does this bread contain sugar? Do I have the strength and commitment in me yet to become vegetarian....or at least stop eating pork and bacon? (my primary moral weakness). One thing I very intentionally did not ponder was a New Year's Resolution.