State your Intentions!

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year readers!! Hope it was a fantastic one and you rang in 2015 with your self defined style of "bang".




I myself welcomed the new year standing on a wharf in the drizzling rain of Bateman's Bay with a clutch of wonderful friends and of course my darling husband.

Waking up on day one of 2015 was a kind reminder to me why I should respect my body 365 days of the year. As I devoured a bacon and egg roll whilst trying to prevent my brain leaking out my ears and exploding on the table I pondered a myriad of questions... are these eggs organic? Does this bread contain sugar? Do I have the strength and commitment in me yet to become vegetarian....or at least stop eating pork and bacon? (my primary moral weakness). One thing I very intentionally did not ponder was a New Year's Resolution.

I teach the word resolution at least once a term to children of all ages at my current school. It's a term that is often met with blank expressions as student's come to realise that the word they know and hear often is actually one they do not fully understand. My first question to them is always "What word do you recognise within this word?"; cue the lightbulb moment "SOLUTION" they all cry.

In a simplistic form, a resolution is in many ways a solution; deciding upon a course of action to be taken; an expression of intention; a way forward.

But for a solution to be necessary, there must first be a problem; a crossroads; a divide; something that necessitates a positive choice.

Entering a new year thinking about past problems and future improvements does not a mindful and happy person make. The cliche New Year, New Me, New Life statements aim to promote self improvement and positive resolve (which in theory is fantastic), however, your previous year, self and life should be equally as celebrated and appreciated as the good things to come.

Instead of generating a list of potential goals and life changes for the future, this year I created a list of things that I achieved in 2014 and reflected on what fantastic choices I have already made. The cathartic and reflective process left me feeling proud, satisfied and completely at ease that life always finds a way of falling into place. At no moment did I judge myself in a negative way, give consideration to any failures or shortcomings or resolve that my life needs to change. Plus I got to make a list which I'm sure many people appreciate as an inexplicably fulfilling task. I've dubbed this my #LotusList as it focuses on capturing the events that made the past year beautiful, vibrant and full of life...