Is your energy all burnt up?

Something happened to me this morning. It happened suddenly and without warning. Like a power outage in my body.


After teaching a short (and somewhat half hearted) ballet lesson I went and changed into my walking gear to take my dog for our daily walk. Half way through dragging my shorts on I looked over at Louis ( my dog). He was laying sleepily on my bed sharing my general lack of enthusiasm for movement. I sighed and said to him "maybe later? is that ok?". I took his lack of reaction as a resounding yes and went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. I flicked through my mind's recipe filing cabinet before again sighing and reaching for the emergency box of moderately healthy cereal I keep for days like today. I am having an internal power outage. In my head I want to be getting outdoors, testing new exercise regimes to review for my readers, making new healthy recipes to share with everyone... but in my heart, I want to rest. HENCE I bring you "The Important and Very Necessary Guide to Rest Days!" Whether you are a fitness junkie, an athlete or just someone