She's a natural beauty!

It's amazing how we can live our lives a certain way for years and years and years without considering the impact our life choices are having. I don't know at which moment exactly I had a change of heart but something in me changed recently and I suddenly am far more acutely aware of what goes in and on my body and how my consumption affects animals and the Earth. For fear of becoming labelled any kind of activist or crusader, it is suffice to say that I suddenly care a whole lot more than I ever have before. I mean.... I always cared but I think I allowed myself to fain ignorance for the convenience of maintaining my particular lifestyle at the time. I suppose there is no better time to make changes than in the midst of a lifestyle overhaul. Without scripting a long winded rant about the evils of animal cosmetic testing and the long term effects of cosmetic chemicals on the human body, I will say, I have taken a far more natural approach in my health, beauty and hygiene regime. Never one to neglect my appearance (despite my somewhat hippy-esque lifestyle shift) I am a lover of personal beauty treats that allow for essential hours of alone time, marinading in fragrant baths, body scrubs and treatments. Here are a few recipes for the natural beauties out their who deserve a relaxing hour or two in the bathroom :)

Fragrant and Invigorating Coffee Scrub