Dancember!! (well if everyone else can have a special month...)


Happy Summer to my readers!! The day we have long awaited since the 1st of March has finally arrived! Pfft what do I mean finally?!! I'm pretty sure it was the 1st of March last week sometime wasn't it?? The year has flown by (as it tends to do now that I've aged some 27 odd years) and it is time to celebrate an amazing year that was. In my family, this time of year is renowned for it's absolute madness! Multiple nearest and dearest birthdays, dance concerts, concert after-parties, Christmas parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day Bonanza and of course my ultimate supreme New Years Eve; it's shocking that we actually come up from our plates of festive food for air! And so December rolls in with all it's merriness and good will, hot summer days, ice cold cocktails and festive food lining every supermarket shelf. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking we jam as many celebrations into December as possible to disguise the fact that we love the opportunity to have a month long guilt free binge. But as soon as January 1st rolls around, we all commit to a new diet plan, purchase an optimistic annual gym membership and write an enviable list of completely instagramable resolutions..... which a week later we promptly ditch as we reach for another plate of leftover ham and pick at the remnants of the deconstructed gingerbread house. In light of this, I thought it useful to aid those health chasers out their and coerce you all; STAY ON TRACK! I believe in you and I promise you that half of the exhaustion brought on by the silly season is undoubtedly caused by the poor nutritional choices we make over and over at this time of year. Do not be lulled into a false sense of "it's a special occasion" security. Christmas Day is a special occasion.....emphasis on the DAY part of the event. It's not Christmas month! Many of us (myself included) see the fabulous seasonal fruit and festive desserts that begin to line the shelves in late November (or let's be honest..... probably not long after Easter) and think "I better have my fill of this because after Christmas I won't be able to buy it again for a whole year". And so we fool ourselves into thinking that Christmas cake is decisively different from fruit cake and that the Freddo Advent calendar is just so much more necessary than a regular bag of Freddos; The irony being that you don't actually like fruitcake and haven't bought Freddos since you made Frog in a pond jellies for your niece's 5th Birthday 2 years ago. Do not be Kris Kringled into overindulging on annually available products that you would not otherwise consume if they were not tainted with magical words like Noel and HOHOHO (I'd probably avoid any food connected to HO's regardless of the season). To save you from a January of "20 extra..................... (insert horrific choice of exercise) to burn off Christmas" here is my Samsational Dancember Survival Guide.... is the title too wordy?....I don't care.... I can overindulge on words (and so can you... add that to the list of cheeky indulgences in the guide :p)

christmas guide.png

Click on the link below to download my Survival Guide Recipes: Man! This was a week in the making and I hope it was worthwhile! Note to self, start next years guide in Novemeber! Stay tuned for some cheeky Christmas indulgence recipes and great fitness workout tips to keep your silly season body tight and toned! Lots of love xx

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