And a lotsa mozzarella!

When on a mission to make healthy lifestyle adjustments, one of the most challenging components is detaching from our ingrained comfort and convenience foods. Not only does this mean turning away from something our taste buds crave but also severing emotional and psychological ties to what has very much become and deep and meaningful relationship with certain foods.

Pizza pizza pizza it's a lotsa lotsa fun...... And a lotsa unhealthy calories too . A classic comfort and convenience food that accompanies Friday nights, social gatherings and cheap Tuesday dinners. The average slice of pizza has diminished nutritional value and serves to count towards a whopping 1/4 of our daily intake of fats. Not that fats are the enemy here but rather portion control. A standard nutritional breakdown of one slice of cheese pizza looks like this:


But never fear, dear reader, a sensible and healthy alternative is here!!

Samsational Pizza- serves 2-3

Crust (makes 3 bases)

4 eggs

Half a head of cauliflower

Salt and pepper


3 tbs Salt reduced tomato paste

6 small slices salami

4 thin slices prosciutto

100g Diced chicken

100g steamed diced kumera

Two healthy handfuls of chopped spinach

50g crumbled reduced fat feta

Sprinkling of Kraft live free tasty cheese


1. Whisk eggs together with salt and pepper, mix in crumbled cauliflower

2. Pan fry three omelette style bases using egg mixture (use a little nut oil to prevent sticking, I prefer almond/macadamia/coconut)

3. Spread tomato paste over bases and add meats, kumera, spinach and feta.

4. Sprinkle kraft live free cheese over the top of your pizza and grill on high for 7-10 mins until cheese is melted and golden.

Serve with a fresh salad and enjoy!

My healthy alternative breaks down like this (keeping in mind this is for the entire pizza!):


Allows a fair few extra guilt free slices don't you think?

Of course the nutritional value can be adjusted depending on your choice of toppings and you can play around with quantities to make mini snack pizzas too (great for kids after school!).

It's important to remember that any type of pizza should always be a sometimes food and portions should be moderated (I was so full after only half of mine tonight!) but it's also comforting to know that we don't have to completely deny ourselves the guilty (now guilt free) pleasure of indulging in a cheeky pizza!

Enjoy xx



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