Antigravity Yoga & Fitness

Antigravity Yoga & Fitness has arrived at Body Classique! A fun, stress busting workout that takes fitness to the sky! Perfect for anyone who needs a new exercise regime and a great option for anyone experiencing back or alignment issues.


Antigravity yoga is a low impact way to increase strength and flexibility, as well as bring you greater awareness of your body and mind.


Antigravity Suspension Fitness will have you flipping, inverting and flying whilst increasing kinaesthetic awareness, improving agility and core strength and getting a cardio workout whilst elongating your muscles. 


Antigravity Airbarre fast tracked from the US is an Aerial Dance conditioning program that develops ideal bodylines through toning and lengthening muscles whilst also developing balance and agility.


AntiGravity Kids program supports children and their inherent nature to laugh, swing, spin, climb, flip and play. When a child plays, their spirit soars. This class supports imagination, physical development and the fine tuning of motor skills and coordination. 


Our studio is a licensed provider of Antigravity Yoga & Fitness. For more information about Antigravity please visit the following websites:


narellan macarthur campbelltown camden mt annan
narellan macarthur campbelltown camden mt annan
areial acro acroyoga acrovinyasa yoga camden narellan macarthur
aerial acro acroyoga acrovinyasa yoga kids yoga camden narellan macarthur
acro acroyoga yoga camden restorative yin dance stretch acro narellan macarthur

Aerial Restorative Yoga


Relax and unwind in a supportive silk hammock. This slow paced aerial yoga class focuses on restful meditative postures designed to heal and restore the body and mind. 

Aerial Dance & Aerialesque

Combining the dream of flight and the dream of dance, Aerial Dance is graceful and freeflowing while Aerialesque is sassy and sensual. Drawing on techniques from contemporary and burlesque dance as well as fundamental Antigravity inversions and aerial skills, these classes will have you feeling like you are dancing in the clouds! 


acro acroyoga acrovinyasa yoga camden narellan macarthur


Cardio, strength training and acrobatic artistry all in one! This class utilises aerial slings, trapeze and partner acrobatics for a full upper body strength workout inspired by the circus!


Barre Beatz 


Barre Beatz is a fusion of ballet, yoga, pilates and dance aerobic techniques that offers a full body workout. It incorporates a range of exercises that target specific muscle groups to sculpt and tone, leaving your body feeling strong and flexible. Barre Beatz is an intense workout that not only energises the body but also invigorates the soul. 

narellan macarthur campbelltown camden mt annan barre ballet dance fitness acro acrovinyasa aerial yoga
narellan macarthur campbelltown camden mt annan yoga dance stretch conditioning fitness barre aerial acro acrovinyasa acroyoga
WHEELFLOW® is a dynamic yoga program designed to improve range of movement in the spine and shoulders, strengthen core balance and stability and increase all over body flexibility. It combines traditional yoga poses and flow sequences with modified flow sequences using the yoga wheel apparatus. WHEELFLOW® also integrates segmental decompression of the joints- in particular, the spine- for more efficient day to day movement.


Yoga meets Circus in this awesome hybrid class of yoga and acrobatic movement. Acro Vinyasa, created by Yoga Beyond, takes mat based vinyasa flow yoga into the sky. Working with a yogi partner, you will learn to base, fly and spot a series of partner assisted Acro Vinyasa poses, all while getting totally zen!

Acro aerial yoga narellan camden macarthur
camden narellan macarthur yoga aerial stretch dance aerial acro acroyoga acrovinyasa antigravity

Yoga & Meditation

For centuries, yoga has been practised for its body, mind, spirit benefits. Yoga and meditation classes utilise calming poses that challenge strength, balance, flexibility and focus to help you clear your mind, connect with your body and find your happy place! Yoga styles offered include:


Yin Yoga; slow paced, with a focus on relaxing and restoring the body

Aromayoga; a yin based practice with the inclusion of essential oils and aromatherapy

Hatha Flow; a dynamic flowing practice designed for strength, alignment and balance

Power Yoga; fast paced with a focus on strengthening, toning and challenging the body and mind

Meditation; relaxing guided meditations for visualisation, focus and clarity and healing



This class combines aerobic rebounding and full body strength and conditioning. From Mini tramps and skipping ropes, Swisse balls and medicine balls to pilates balls and massage balls, this workout will really get you bouncing into a fitter body!

BoxFit/Fit Kit

This workout really packs a punch! Break a sweat completing a high intensity fitness circuit and then release your inner fire with a high energy boxing session!

Personal Training/Gym Sessions

Body Classique has recently added a PT Studio equipped with free weights, cable machines, circuit training equipment and cardio machines. You can add an unlimited training package to your class pass or book in private PT sessions with our qualified trainers!  

narellan macarthur campbelltown camden mt annan gym yoga barre aerial acro acrovinyasa acroyoga

More classes coming soon.....